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As a founder and director of the company I wear many hats. i am responsible for:designing, developing and supporting an app. Additionally I defining a niche in the market. Each day brings a new challenge and I love it! App development is not easy and I like that. Utilities are truly useful, not a passing fad. Thats why I take real pride in ensuring that the apps are kept up to date. We add new features and I personally try my very best to enhance the way people use their mobile technology. Personally I am married with two beautiful children and live in Yorkshire. The finest country in England. As well as being a tech head, I enjoy the great outdoors and love to cycle. I often go walking and spend a lot of my time managing my newly obtained garden.


I have always been creatively minded. When I was offered the opportunity to express my creative side, working alongside Jason in a new, exciting business venture, I knew it was my chance to do something I really would enjoy. From paper to screen, I took to a graphics tablet quickly and now thoroughly enjoy myself creating digital assets for apps used by millions worldwide. I am very proud of what we have achieved and proved that a small team can be very successful. Personally I am married and reside in the lush green land of Yorkshire. Instead of children, for the time being I have two cats and a labrador which I couldn’t imagine my home without. I like to spend my time playing and researching games, surfing the internet, reading a book or doing a jigsaw whilst listening to music.


I love keeping in touch with the users of our applications. It's fantastic to know that everyday, millions of people are using something that we created and its always nice to hear how the apps are being used. Every user is unique with their own story to tell. I spend a significant amount of time creating a visually stimulating experience (hopefully) across our wide range of social media networks, website and other public portals.

Aleksandra Pinar Digital marketing strategist

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