German Unity day

German Unity Day

german unity day

How people celebrate german unity day

October 3 marks the “Day of German Unity” ever since the GDR and West Germany reunited in 1990. Since then, Germans celebrate  this day as a public holiday.

Because German Unity Day is a public holiday in Germany so post offices, banks and many businesses are closed. Nearly all stores are closed, although a few may be open in some city areas.

Celebration in Germany

This is a public holiday and most people do not report to work. There are huge public celebrations. The events in this day include:

  • Food and cultural presentations from Germany’s regions.
  • Speeches by politicians and other leaders.
  • Fireworks.
  • Communal meals.
  • Concerts.

Interesting Facts and Events

The atmosphere is festive, welcoming and safe.  Every year, a different city in Germany hosts the national celebrations. It is a very young national day, and it needs time to develop.

Many mosques in Germany are opened to members of the general public during the celebrations. This is aimed at stimulating contact between Muslims and non-Muslims as well as emphasizing the central role Muslims played in the formation of Modern Germany.

The Germany Unity Day is the only holiday in Germany administered nationally. The other holidays are administered by individual states.